Talent mapping is a proactive approach used to forecast long-term hiring needs and subsequently cultivate organizational support for new roles over time.

Talent Mapping is usually done for internal hiring mostly with large organizations.


Staffio Search leverages this concept and taps the passive talents who would go on to become a perfect fitment for all our anticipated roles. By doing this we ensure there is always a steady flow of talents to all the critical requirements which will open up soon with our clients

  • Envision and design a clear strategy and build a roadmap to a better future.

  • Pulse/Feedback to improve attraction and engagement to create greater workplaces.

  • Competitive Research to help determine how to effectively compete for the right talent.

  • Translate insights from employees and candidates to create a strategic employer brand and compelling value proposition.

  • Hiring Profiles to describe job goals and “best fit” and to share desired attributes and culture

  • Candidate Personas to get the team looking in the right direction for the right people and skills.

  • Research Solutions to collect and identify information on people, industry, salaries, competitors and more.

  • Sourcing Sprints to identify and engage potential candidates in a short amount of time to meet a critical deadline.

  • Market Mapping to identify pools of potential “right-fit” candidates for future hiring sprees.

  • Strategic Advisory to help guide the approach toward strategic talent acquisition