We are Empowering Energizing hundreds of Talented Ninjas

Eachday by hooking them with Awesome Companies. Now it's your turn

Our Clients are simply the best. We can showcase a zillion "Ah-ha" moments employees experience working with the elite workforce.

A Culture that's truly inspiring.

Transparency & flat hierarchy.

You get to work along-side some of the best minds.

Fast Track Growth. Your efforts, struggles & sacrifices will never go unnoticed.

You get to brag about working with Gold Standard Brands.

A Perfect Work - Life Balance. You get to relish amazing time with your family & loved ones more.

You get to collaborate with awesome people who are inspiring, innovative yet casual.

A Laser Focus Vision which will keep you super motivated.

Staffio is a Brand Talent Partner: We connect our clients with exceptional people who will power their brand, and we connect brilliant candidates with roles they’ll love in exciting industries

We understand India. We understand its business and Talent Landscape


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Industry Practice

  • Auto
  • Retail
  • Technology
  • eBusiness
  • Hospitality
  • Consumer / FMCG
  • Education / Not For Profit
  • Banking & Financial Services

Functional Practice

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Supply Chain
  • Human Resources
  • Business Development
  • Research & Development
  • Information Technology


We are on a mission critical mode. We aim to empower every candidate to excel in their job search. Our Masterclass Resources, Tools, Career Coaches & HR experts would do just about anything to ensure you grab that tempting offer


We create, nourish & sustain a campaign for women’s ambition in the workplace

Despite more women graduating with degrees, equal levels of aspirations, and at par intelligence and capability, few are persevering in their careers. Women are still underrepresented at every level in the corporate pipeline.

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Our Story

A humble begin for future.

I was born out of a sheer necessity. I have always been a keen observer of the Recruitment Market, HR Industry and its pain points. All this, while I was hustling to figure out the best possible way for Candidates to make their Job search more powerful and easier & Job Hunting a real fun. I also analyzed various strategies, avenues & methodologies adopted by a zillion companies to attract, retain & sustain Awesome Talents.

Sourcing, Interviewing, Offer Roll out & everything in-between seemed to be a vicious cycle. Brilliant candidates would always find it hard to connect with companies of their choice and in-turn organizations would find it real hard to connect with Awesome Talents.

I realized that the recruitment system is broken, time consuming & cost incurring. That’s when the Aha!! Moment struck & I stepped-in to make “Hiring A Breeze”

After hustling for years, loosing a hundred wars but always a step ahead in a dozen wars, I have now been more confident about my dreams & aspirations. I live to help you throttle your career aspirations. I'm winning only because you chose to partner me in your professional journey. My methods are not based on assumptions, but on experience in communications, management, and technology; on solid research; and on real data and advanced analytics.

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